Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Pinky Ring

Pinky Ring Records has announced plans to team up with SelfCore Records to release the compilation Eat Meat Vol. 2. The compilation features various mixes by Mr Dibbs, who is know for his work with mastering the "concept of cross genre in turntableism" in hardcore music. Pinky Ring Records owner Chris Duett on the upcoming release:

Not only will this mix contain stuff you expect from Dibbs (some Johnny Cash samples, and the meow mix theme song to name a few.), but this album will also feature remixes and all sorts of stuff featuring the music of xReignOfTerrorx, Nervous Breakdown, Wintch Mob, Swamburger (of Soliliquists of Sound), X:144 & SPS, S.K.I.P., and much more!

The compilation is scheduled to be released this Spring.