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Chris #2 of Anti-Flag posted a message on the band's official website explaining the circumstances that forced them to drop off a recent tour.

For those not completely in the know, my sister and her boyfriend were murdered a few days ago. Of all the people I know my sister was the most proud of our band. If you live in the Pittsburgh area you may have met her, it was not uncommon for her to strike up a conversation with anyone wearing an Anti-Flag pin, patch, or t-shirt. She was anxious to meet anyone who was a member of the community. My sister had two beautiful children, who I'm sure will be just as curious and just as loving.

Thank you all for the kind words. Thank you to everyone surrounding us on the last tour for their help. I want to specifically thank my three brothers in Anti-Flag and everyone in our crew for helping me and dropping everything to get me home and with my family immediately.

Again, would like to offer our deepest condolences to Chris, his family and everyone caught in this inconceivable tragedy.