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Members of defunct post rock/hardcore act Codeseven have resurfaced in a new project consisting of largely the same lineup as the original band.

Though there are many familiar faces in the group, the band explains:

It's been more than a year and a half since Codeseven played thier last show, ending abruptly in Rhode Island. Well, after taking a good amount of time off, I'm pleased to announce that we have decided to start a new band together!

This is not a Codeseven reunion. We are very happy where it ended musically and want to keep Codeseven on that same path, if and when we decide to get it back together. Right now the plan is to explore new ideas, possibly something a bit more upbeat.

The band is currently looking for a new vocalist and interested parties can find out more information right here.

Codeseven released their final album, Dancing Echoes/Dead Sounds, in 2004.