Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Century Media

Century Media have signed Blessed By A Broken Heart, self-proclaimed "super heroes destined to save the world from nuclear annihilation with the power of metal." The band had this to say about the signing:

We have been searching for the right record label to release our next record for quite some now, and well CM and us was like a match made in heaven. The force is strong with Century media. I mean, they signed us without a singer, so they are obviously just as crazy as we are.

And speaking of…we found a new singer, his name is Tony Gambino, and yeah, his Great Uncle was Carlo Gambino (Google him), so don't mess with us. Tony can do back flips and breakdance better then Turbo in Electric Boogaloo. We're psyched to have him on board.

The band will enter the studio next month to record their Century Media debut You Wanted the Best, You Got The Blessed: Greatest Hits. The new album is will be the follow-up to 2004's All Is Fair In Love And War.