This Saturday marks the final coast-to-coast broadcast of CBC Radio 3's Saturday Night Show. Following a restructuring at the Canadian public broadcaster the independent-music oriented R3 is refocusing its efforts on satellite radio and the web. To send off the last show on terrestrial radio a number of special guests will be on the air, including Halifax hip hop act Buck 65, Halifax rocker Joel Plaskett and Calgary alt-pop duo Tegan And Sara. The highlight of the show will be a live performance from Weakerthans frontman John K. Samson and his partner Christine Fellows.

The broadcast will feature music from across Canada as well as classic archival interviews. Among them are host / Smugglers frontman Grant Lawrence's chats with the Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten and starship captain / fiber advocate William Shatner.

The show will be broadcast online this Saturday from, via Sirius Satellite Radio channel 94 (7:30 PM EST / 4:40 PM PST) or for the final time across Canada on CBC Radio 2 (7:30 PM local time / 8:30 PM Atlantic / frequency guide).