Satanic Surfers

After nearly two decades together, Sweden's Satanic Surfers have called it a day. Rumours about the impending split first surfaced earlier this year, but official confirmation has come in from the band. Vocalist Rodrigo Alfaro explained:

On February 10th, I decided to call it a day, or should I say…17 and a half years…. That's how long this band has been a part of my life. It has become a big part of my identity, and making this decision, in a way, feels like cutting off a part of myself.

On the other hand, this will always remain a big part of me and I will always remember it as some of the best years of my life. To be quite honest, in a way I'm scared of letting go. This band has been a constant and safe spot in my life, but I'm also excited for what the future holds.

Some members of the band have already begun work on a new project; Rodrigo, along with Fredrik Jakobsen and Daniel have formed Enemy Alliance and have recorded some new material which is expected to surface shortly on their Myspace.