Contributed by XCARLUPANDDIEX, Posted by Warner Music Group

Lucero has announced that they, along with Dashboard Confessional, Band of Horses, The Honorary Title, Gym Class Heroes, the Constantines and others, will contribute a track to the upcoming One Tree Hill 3 - The Road Mix soundtrack. The disc accompanies the popular CW television show.

The band promises that the song will be exclusive to the soundtrack, which is set for release on April 3rd, 2007. Other tracks, like Band Of Horses' "Funeral" appear to be previous released.

  1. Dashboard Confessional - "Don't Wait"
  2. The Honorary Title - "Stay Away"
  3. The Kooks - "Naive"
  4. Band Of Horses - "Funeral"
  5. José González - "Heartbeats"
  6. Tyler Hilton - "You'll Ask For Me"
  7. Lupe Fiasco - "I Gotcha"
  8. Gym Class Heroes - "Good Vibrations"
  9. The Wreckers - "Lay Me Down"
  10. The Constantines - "Soon Enough"
  11. Calexico / Iron & Wine - "He Lays in the Reins"
  12. Lucero - "Tell Me What It Takes"
  13. Songs:Ohia - "Just Be Simple"
  14. The Weepies - "World Spins Madly on"
  15. La Rocca - "Non Believer"
  16. Mother Love Bone - "Chloe Dancer (Crown of Thorns)"