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The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza guitarist Brad Thomson has formed a tentative agreement with Uprising Records to form a new label, Midgets With Machetes Records. Thomson had this to say about the label formation:

As I toured the country with Danza I've come across many talented, hard working bands that should by right already be signed but for one reason or another haven't gotten that opportunity. Over the last year I decided to actually do something about it and that something is Midgets With Machetes. Our good friends in My Bitter End had recently signed to Uprising when we toured with them last summer and they could not say enough about the great support that Uprising had already given them and what a great guy Sean Muttaqi was and as Danza looked for a new label home last year Uprising was one of the last remaining labels on a very short list. When we decided to sign to Black Market Activities I was very pleased with the decision but my conversations with Sean were very productive and I knew that I wanted to work with him in some capacity so I am pleased to now have that opportunity.

The label has already signed Lawrence, Kansas act the Cast Pattern to a multi-album deal. The band is currently preparing songs for their full-length debut, which will see a release later this year.