Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Warner Music Group

It looks like those waiting for Against Me!'s major label debut New Wave will be waiting a little longer. A recent interview reveals that the band's forthcoming debut for Sire Records has been delayed to the summer.

While the delay of a major label debut has been an ominous portend in the past, frontman Tom Gabel explains that there is no real story here, he blames mixing issues for the long delay..

Gabel did discuss the album and themes though, and the article also describes the sound of the record as more removed from their anarcho-folk beginnings and drawing comparisons to Alkaline Trio or Hot Water Music.

As for lyrics, the band hasn't lost it's political slant:

"White People for Peace" keeps in touch with Against Me!'s political past. During the verse Gabel delivers tonsil-tearing lines about a war with no reason before delivering the track's vocal hook: "Protest songs: a response to military aggression". Unlike typical Against Me! songs that address specific events, "White People for Peace" sends out a general antiwar message.

In addition, the article notes that Canadian songstress Tegan Quin of alt-pop duo Tegan and Sara participates in a duet on a song called "Born on the FM Wave of a Heart"