Contributed by Nick_V, Posted by Blackball

Adam Pfahler of Blackball Records and Jawbreaker has posted another update on the documentary about the influential and beloved band.

He had this to say:

The documentary shoot chugs along. Keith and Tim are still lining up interviews and shopping the film to distros (Rhino, Plexi, Vagrant, etc). So far none of them wanna pony up the finishing costs, but the boys are still shooting and hoping to finish by December. We'll see…

Adam also mentions the band's recent contribution to For Callum, the packed compilation which includes material from Mission of Burma, Engine Down, Joe Lally and many others:

The Jawbreaker song is a demo of "I Love You So Much…(from Dear You)." I actually really like this version. It has a different chorus and the recording super lo-fi and powerful. The song has never been available - it's been an ace up our sleeve forever, and I am so proud to finally put it out for such a great cause. PLEASE BUY THE RECORD!

The earliest plans for the film were announced in late 2005. As he mentions in this update, he is working with Keith Schieron, director of 2006's We Jam Econo DVD.