Contributed by counterfiction, Posted by Suburban Home

Drag The River has lost a member while on tour with Rocky Votalato. Jon Snodgrass (formerly of Armchair Martian) has decided to take leave of the band for the rest of this tour. Suburban Home's Virgil Dickerson posted an update with very little specifics and is promising a fuller statement in the next day or two. What is known is that the remaining members of the band will be continuing on throughout the duration of the tour.

The future of the band seems to be vaguely in question as Virgil put it: "There is no official word on exactly what will happen after this tour." Please Note that Jon has not officially left the band and posted a message on the DTR Message Board saying "I did not quit Drag the River […] I did however quit this tour."

Mr. Dickerson also let us know that the band recently hung out with Lucero and recorded a cover of "Old Sad Songs" from Tennessee. The track features John Stubblefield of Lucero performing with the band and is the first track released from an upcoming Lucero tribute. You can hear "Old Sad Songs" at DTR's MySpace page.

The band released It's Crazy last year.