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On April 3rd Vancouver's Mint Records will reissue records from Cub and Maow.

For Cub, the Lisa Marr led twee pop / cuddlecore three piece, the label is giving a second life to 1993's EP collection Betti-Cola and the `94 full length Come Out Come Out. The former will be expanded with tracks compiled form the band's 7"s, including "Chico", "Sweet Pea", "Summer Samba," and "Hello Kitty."

Pop punk act Maow will see 1996's The Unforgiving Sounds of Maow reissued. The album has been a sought after item due to the band's drummer, one Neko Case who of course went on to launch a very successful alt-country solo career and serve as a prominent member of supergroup the New Pornographers. Case in fact drummed for Cub for a period early in their career as well.

Cub - Betti-Cola

  1. Go Fish
  2. What the Water Gave Me
  3. Motel 6
  4. A Party
  5. Flying Carpet
  6. My Chinchilla
  7. Electrick Chair
  8. Nicolas Bragg
  9. Pretty Pictures
  10. They Don't
  11. A Picnic
  12. It's True
  13. Someday
  14. Cast a Shadow
  15. The Day We Met
  16. Surfer Girl
  17. Little Star
  18. My Assassin
  19. Tell Me Now
  20. Lucky 7
  21. Through My Hoop
  22. Leap Frog
  23. Backwoods
  24. What the Water Gave Me
  25. Chico
  26. Sweet Pea
  27. Summer Samba
  28. Hello Kitty

Cub - Come Out Come Out

  1. Ticket to Spain
  2. Everything's Geometry
  3. My Flaming Red Bobsled
  4. Isabelle
  5. Your Bed
  6. Tomorrow Go Away
  7. Life of Crime
  8. I'm Your Angel
  9. Por Favor
  10. New York City
  11. Voracious
  12. So Far Apart
  13. Vacation

Maow - The Unforgiving Sounds of…

  1. Wank
  2. Mean Mean Mean
  3. Sucker
  4. Ms. Lefevre
  5. Rock 'N' Roll Boy
  6. Very Missionary
  7. Mommie's Drunk
  8. Woman's Scorn
  9. Showpie
  10. J'Ai Faim
  11. Man What's Got a Gun
  12. How Does That Grab You, Darlin'?
  13. Party Tonite
  14. Cat's Neow
  15. One Nite Stand
  16. Catastrophie