Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Warner Music Group

In a recent interview, Tom Gabel from Against Me! reveals the release date for the bands new album and major label debut.

According to the story, New Wave - the band's first album for Sire - will be released on July 10th. Tom also speaks briefly about the album:

It's a short record kind of. It's only ten songs. But it's still around forty minutes or so that it clocks in at.

Tom also deals with the inevitable questions about selling out, noting:

I don't know. It's just kind of a self-defeating, shoot yourself in the foot-like attitude to have. I find it completely frustrating and off-putting and it turns me off of the punk scene really because people are very closed minded. Sometimes it sucks too, like not necessarily with our band but with other bands too, you have bands that stayed on the same label but maybe decide that they wanted to change their sound and try something different and people call them sell outs. Sell-out is the new witch hunt; it's a very McCarthyism type of finger-pointing way to be.

You can check out the entire interview here.