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Love Equals Death have parted ways with bassist Dominic Davi in light of his recent arrest. In late March the ex-Tsunami Bomb member was held on charges relating to the alleged rape of a Virginia woman in June 2006. The band posted:

Some of you may or may not know that Love Equals Death was dealt quite a blow about three weeks ago when we had found out that our bass player was facing serious charges. Well, we would like to make it perfectly clear here at camp LED that we do not in any way condone any such behavior related to these charges. We, however are not a judge or a jury and don't want to be one any time soon. We are however a band that really just wants to continue playing music. We know that these times have been severley trying for Dominic(bass player in question) and the accuser. We hope for the best outcome for all parties. However, Dominic will no longer be playing music or working on behalf of Love Equals Death. This matter that he faces requires all of his attention right now and we (Tonio, Duffs and myself) wish him well as I know all of you do. I personally know that his love for music will always keep him in the scene and i'm sure those who support him will be seing him around very soon. This is an official statement from me to all of you. We will announce a new bass player in the next few weeks and we'll see you at the next show.

The Petaluma, CA band released Nightmerica in 2006 via Fat Wreck.