Soap producer comes to Don Bolles (Germs) defense
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Further details are coming on on the baffling case involve the hemp-soap of the Germs' Don Bolles. Don had been arrested after a debunked field test suggested that his soap contained narcotics.

According to press release from soap producer, Dr.Bronner, the police found GHB in the soap. The company's vice presidents made this strongly worded statement:

It is totally outrageous that the police could be this malicious and idiotic. This clearly is a case of profiling by the Newport Beach police of a person who doesn't look like the people who live in that town. We are paying the cost of Mr. Bolle's lawyer, and we demand the charges be dropped or proof from the police forensics lab of GHB contamination be immediately provided to us,

We cannot imagine anyone putting GHB, or any other drug for that matter, into a rinse-off soap product that is lathered and rinsed off the body immediately. The Newport Beach police should see how much of a buzz putting beer in their shampoo gives them, and get a grip and apologize on their hands and knees to Mr. Bolles.