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Richmond, VA. based Valiant Death Records has announced many upcoming summer releases, featuring new acts from many different genres.

First off is a new LP version of the Plan-it-x Records release Debt of The Dead by Ghost Mice, released as a followup to a Ghost Mice compilation LP called The Fairy War released by the label in 2006, now going into it's second pressing. The new LP is expected for release in July.

Philadelphia's Red Devil have also found a home for their first release Into The Sinking Ground, being released this June and followed by a Summer of East Coast touring. Also in the works are more releases by resident Valiant Death groups, such as the first full length from Florida's Imadethismistake, and a new 7" from Baltimore's indie-folk collective Wax & Wane.

This Summer marks the 5th year of the label's existence and the label plans to hold a festival in Philadelphia this July with bands from the past, present, and future rosters of Valiant Death.