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Oakland's Desa has launched the first in what they promise will be a series of free digital EPs.

Since starting DESA in 2002, we have released two full length albums and a handful of EP's. This is nowhere near as productive as we'd like to be, but with the music industry being as it is, and with the absence of a steady record label behind us, it's incredibly difficult to get CDs into stores even within 6 months of recording the songs. On top of that, the potential to make any kind of profit on CD sales as an indie band is pretty much nil, not that we really ever expected to. To combat this predicament, we're happy to announce the first in a series of EP's we will release online for free!

This first 3-song installment is called "Sirens and Safety Glass" and was recorded live last weekend at Grizzly Studios (where we recorded Demonstrates Birth and Year in a Red Room). The session went incredibly fast, and we're excited to start playing these songs at shows. We plan on doing another session this Summer with Matt Embree at the Elizabethan in Seal Beach so we should have another EP online pretty soon.

You can pick up the songs for free via over at The band only asks "that you send them to as many of your friends as possible."