by Jade Tree

Recent Jade Tree signing, Cloak/Dagger will be making their debut with a digital-only EP titled Piñata Breaks, Demo Takes. The release will feature the band's most recent Piñata 7-inch and a collection of demo tracks, including one previously unreleased song.

Due out May 08, 2007, the EP promises: "memories of favorites such as Black Flag, Circle Jerks and even Hot Snakes." The band itself includes current and former members of Count Me Out, American Nightmare, Barfight, Time Flies, Striking Distance, Trial By Fire and Renee Heartfelt.

The release will be available from iTunes, eMusic, Yahoo! Music, and a host of other digital music services. A digital booklet will also be available to download from Jade Tree.

  1. Daggers Daggers
  2. Paranoid
  3. Electrocution
  4. Sewing Circles (Demo)
  5. Set the Alarm (Demo)
  6. Last Call (Demo)
  7. Violent Times (Demo)
  8. New Years Resolution (Demo)
  9. White Fence (Previously Unreleased Demo)