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The Guardian has a story about a new novel dealing with a fictitious Muslim punk scene in the US. The notion has spawned an actual movement that is being driven forward by young Muslims worldwide.

According to the story:

A lot of Muslim kids are tired of being told what to do, how to think, what to believe in, and how to act, by their parents. There are 'the angry muslim kids' who wanna grow beards and pray five times a day, and then there are the OTHER 'angry Muslim kids' who wanna get drunk and say a huge big 'fuck you' to the Muslim population. Or maybe they just don't care and wanna sit at home and not think about Osama's video speeches about how America is the Great Satan.

The interview mentions some of the more well-known acts in the subgenre, including Kominas, Secret Trial Five, Vote Hezbollah, Al-Thawra, 8-Bit and Diacritical..

The entire story can be found here.