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The latest issue of Winnipeg, Manitoba's Uptown Magazine features an interview with guitarist Stephen Carroll of the beloved Weakerthans. The piece reveals that the group has completed work on it's fourth full-length record, tentatively titled Reunion Tour.

The album was recorded in Winnipeg and Toronto with long-time producer Ian Blurton at the helm once again. According to Carroll, the band tried some different things this time around.

Ian said it's our most experimental record," Carroll says. "I think that's because we didn't have a lot of preconceived ideas of what the song structures should be and what the instrumentation should be. It was kind of throwing everything at them and seeing what stuck. There's lots of ambient stuff, tape loops, and some more keyboard than before.

He also confirms recent live staples like "Night Windows" and "Utilities" will be featured on the record, which is slated for release this fall from Epitaph/Anti-.

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