by Epitaph

Despite earlier reports from their label that the record would be released on July 17, 2007, Motion City Soundtrack has announced that the record will instead drop on September 18th, 2007.

The band had this to say:

Speaking of Bamboozle, we heard that there were a lot of rumors floating around regarding our new album. Well, we just want to set the record straight: To put it simply, the album will be out on Tuesday, September 18. Any artwork, track listings, or other info regarding Even If It Kills Me that you may have heard, seen, or read is not necessarily what you will find come September 18. Maybe, but not necessarily. Everything is still in the works… That's the truth and nothing but the truth kids!

The new release plans are strange, since their label was the main source of the art and track listing that were originally announced.

This summer the band will be headlining a tour with Sherwood, The Higher and The Forecast.