Contributed by MonkDave, Posted by Newest Industry

Cardiff, Wales based label Newest Industry is hitting the breaks. Dave made the announcement reads as follows:

It's like when a band breaks up but lies about it, they say they're on ''indefinite hiatus" - that's kinda what is happening with Newest industry Records. After almost 5 years, 20 releases and a ridiculous amount of debt (20,000 pounds - that's 40,000 dollars) we have finally given in… money is the main problem (obviously), no one buys our records even though they're awesome, but there's also the stress of dealing with complete and utter wankers (some band members, tour bookers, other labels who actively bootleg your releases then LIE about it, you name it…), distributors that don't sell any records, pressing plants that fuck the art up, and boxes upon boxes of CD's sat in the kitchen. It's like, do we just bail now or go down with it? Downloading is definitely an issue as well, but I can't even be fucked to go into that right now… basically we're in a total mess and we're not putting out anymore records… we just SLASHED our prices in our shop to crazy low amounts (even for Americans, even though we're in the UK and the exchage rate is crazy mental right now) so please, please head on over to : and order some stuff from us, so we can close this shit down for good and I can give Jo a cheque so she can get some nappies for her new kid. Maybe then I can go backpacking around Alaska or something. * please note, our shop is kinda broken, it doesn't store orders properly, so please just PayPal payments to directly, with a list of what you want…

Umm, so yeah… that's it. Thanks to the excessively tiny amount of people that gave a fuck about the label, unfortunately you've all but run out!

Newest Industry released music from No Choice, Fifth Hour Hero, Black Cougar Shock Unit, the Paperbacks, Four Letter Word, the Enablers, Bedford Falls and many others.