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Despite seemingly calling it quits in November of last year, veteran punk act T.S.O.L. has upgraded their status to "hiatus" from "done for good." The band made this announcement:

T.S.O.L has not broken up, they are just on a long break and will probably tour again coming end of summer early fall. In the meantime Jack will be playing shows with some good friends of his. The band is called " Jack Grisham and the West Coast Dukes" they will be playing some Joykiller T.S.O.L and Gentleman Jack songs

The band had fallen on difficult times in recent years due to a shooting that occurred while they were on stage in Hollywood in 2002. While T.S.O.L. was cleared in the court case they were left with a daunting bill from the attorney that prevented them from widespread touring. That period also resulted in the band's last album Divided We Stand.

T.S.O.L.'s 1981 gothic punk debut Dance With Me was recently reissued by Nitro Records. A retrospective release titled Who's Screwin' Who? surfaced in 2005.