Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Basement

Grave For The Fireflies have announced some major changes. First, the band will officially be changing their name to Vultures United:

We've got some important, exciting and sad news for you all. It's like having a new baby last minute, but it being born retarded BUT ULTIMATELY, it having special powers. Like it shits money or something legit like that.

Anyway, after almost 7 years of being Grave For The Fireflies, we've decided to call it quits on our band name and move on. No, the band is not ending, but we're simply going through a name change, putting the name Grave For The Fireflies to rest. The new name of the band is VULTURES UNITED. Sorry if you're one of the dozens and dozens of fans out there who's actually disappointed by this change but hey, we have our reasons. You can always start your own damn band and name it Korn, or something longer and spookier than Grave For The Fireflies. Not like the world needs more band names that are dark, deep and scary sounding right?. Whatever.

Additionally, the band will head into the studio in July to record 5 songs for an EP; four songs on the cd version, five songs on a colored 7" version (the 5th song will be a cover song). The EP will be released on the band's newly started label, The Pirate Record Company in August or September. The band will debut the new moniker on May 17th at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California with Mikoto and Cancer Bats.