by Doghouse

Doghouse act Weatherbox was robbed in New York City at the start of their recent tour and release date of their new album American Art. The band's press release reads:

The rumors are true. Weatherbox was about to go on their first national tour ever. Since they live in San Diego and the tour started in New York City, they had to drive cross-country to start this shindig with The Casket Salesmen. They arrived in NYC this past Tuesday when…bam! it happened. Apparently, some good Samaritans in Brooklyn thought it would be awesome to steal the band's van, all of their equipment, and pre-made vegan snacks ready to eat. Bummer. It was a bitter-sweet day. On one hand, the band got to release their first full-length record, American Art. On the other hand, they got jacked hard and thought they'd have to cancel the tour.

Luckily, The Casket Salesmen are great dudes; they're letting Weatherbox use their equipment for the entire tour letting the show still go on!

However, if you have any information about the band's stolen gear, van, and vegan cheese, please contact In lieu of accepting any donations, the band is just asking for supporters to check out their music at Interpunk or iTunes.