Kurt Cobain, Joe Strummer, Joey Ramone, and Sid Vicious peddle Doc Martens
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It seems that dead celebrities can be used to sell more than pointless reissues and vacuum cleaners. Allegedly, a new print/poster campaign in the U.K. for famous punk rock footwear maker, Doc. Martens, has used four of the biggest names of the genre's deceased stars. Kurt Cobain, Sid Vicious, Joey Ramone and Joe Strummer have been reported to all appear as angels wearing the famous boots. Writer Andrew Petch said the following of the add campaign:

We wanted to communicate that Dr. Martens boots are 'made to last,' and we discovered that these idolized musicians wore them. Showing them still wearing their Docs in heaven dramatized the boots' durability perfectly. And, as images, they feel very iconic.

According to the article over at the Daily Swarm, the images have been cleared for use in the U.K. only, in an arrangement with Corbis, supplier of the original photographs, which have been enhanced by photographer Dimitri Daniloff and retoucher Christophe Huet.