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To take a break from this news week…Of course many of you know Fathead, the frequent PunkNews.Org reader and a constant source of rants in the comments sections. Well it seems that Fathead is no more, this is his epitaph (so to speak).Click READ MORE to read his parting message. As you've all been subject to fathead's wrath at one point or another, this message is for everyone.

Oh… by the way… before everyone goes nuts, remember to relax and understand that this is just a lighthearted message from one of our readers. Anyone who goes crazy complaining about this proves that they have absolutly no life.

In the past year, my record-reviewing,shit-talking,joke-making,loudmouth know-it-all alter-ego, fathead, has taken on a life all his own. I never knew he would generate such a stir, simply by shooting his mouth off every now and again. Picking fights with bands, making fun of reviewers, rarely making a statement without the use of profanity, it all just got out of hand.

There are a couple of things fathead wanted to make crystal clear before he died:
1. He never owned his own computer. He wrote every review and made every comment from various computers at local colleges or friends houses. So contrary to popular belief, he spent very little time in front of the computer screen.
2. He had nothing against bands like Reel Big Fish or the Get Up Kids. They were just easy targets. The bands he really hated were the ones who trivialized punk rock, converting it into some sort of fashion show on MTV. They have no idea what punk is about, and fathead detested their front.
3. Every review fathead wrote was the first draft. Never, not even once, did he revise his original work. It was all spontaneous and fresh.
4. He wanted to say thanks to the staff, and all the excellent reviewers that contribute nearly every week, and yes he even included you Pat.

In order to move on with my life, one of us had to go. While fathead did his best to boil the blood of nearly every reader on this site, he was doing nothing for the greater good. That is why I had to kill him. My life is meant for something great, and if fathead surrvived any longer, he would have only been holding me back. I now can concentrate on drums and making my own music, without the voice of fathead in the back of my mind screaming "your shit sucks." I know some of you will be elated, some will be disappointed, while most could care less. However, if this thing called the internet last as long as everyone thinks it will, fathead will live forever in the review archives.

I don't know if you all will post this, but I had to try. Fathead wanted things this way.- Mark Williams