Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Go Kart

In a surprising move, Cougars have announced the departure of their horn section. The band made the announcement today:

End of an Era… Beginning of an Another It is with the utmost respect and appreciation that we are announcing that Cougars is parting ways with it's mighty horn section (Jeff Vidmont and Mark Beening) after 6.5 years of loyal rockitude.

This decision was not arrived at easily or flippantly. Great consideration has been given over the last year, as we begin a new writing process for what will prove to be our most crucial work yet that issues had to be addressed and the process, ultimately, had to be streamlined. All in all, we appreciate everything Mark and Jeff brought to the table over the years and sincerely wish them the best in every future endeavor.

Meanwhile, never fret, as Cougars does not cease to be. Through this subtraction, it grows. Tighter, stronger, and even more pissy, plans to kill you thoroughly are in the works as we speak.

The band's previous album, Pillow Talk, was released in 2006. Since then they also produced a contribution to the Hair: Chicago Punk Cuts compilation.