Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Pirate's Press

The Ratchets are back from tour, but return less a drummer. The band posted the following to their website:

Hello! Hello! Ahh…back from tour and settling back into things over here at Camp Ratchet. Our little jaunt out was quite pleasant. The Hold Steady surely did not disappoint and were quite friendly and gracious to boot, lending us their drums and amps because our van broke down on our way out of town. It was also great spending some quality time with old friends the River City Rebels. The Worthless United reunion and opening night of Chunksaah's Asbury Park Punk Night Takeover went off without a hitch. And then…trouble. We have parted ways with Erik, our drummer, and have been figuring out what the plan is. Well, we figured it out…get a new drummer. So…The Ratchets are looking for a young, powerful, and dynamic drummer. No jazz, no funk, no laid back! Drop us a line if you think you've got the chops.

Granted the band didn't add all those fancy links, but we'll give them the credit anyways. We're good like that. The Ratchets did however release the full length Glory Bound earlier this year.