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Off with Their Heads have detailed their future release plans. The band will contribute to a split 7" with New Jersey's The Measure [SA] via Chunksaah Records in the near future.

Following that the band will release a collection of their 2006-released 7" material titled All Things Move Toward Their End. It will arrive on July 3rd via 12" vinyl, CD and digital download services via No Idea Records. There was some mixup on just who would be putting out the disc however, as we previously connected it with 1-2-3-4 Go! Records. The band explained:

There was a little bit of fuckedupedness about labels on this one. Whatever you hear is probably not true. I had told 1234 GO! and Recess that they could both do it. The problem being that I had also told No Idea the same thing. Chalk that one up to me being a dumb, forgetful, drunk idiot baboon. We decided to do it with No Idea based on the fact that we have loved that label since we were wee little shits, and it would be fucking rad to release something on such a cool label run by cool people. The future of our band is in a constant state of "You wanna do this anymore?"…."I dont know, do you"…. "Im Moving"….. "Sweet"…….If that makes any sense. Basically, this may be one of the last chances to do something on a label we loved in an impure way since we were young. I fucked up. I apologize to both Recess and 1234 Go!. Both of the dudes that do those labels are solid and shouldn't have to deal with a dummy like me.