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Austin, Texas' Bitter Tongues has have returned from a year and a half hiatus as a new band. While writing and recording with new guitarist Ribs Mason (Pride Kills, 10 Crowns, Iron Age), the band spun off into a new act dubbed Career Criminal. The group is self-described as "stripped-down oi/punk/hardcore influenced in no small part by Sham 69, The Four Skins, Cro-Mags and Slapshot" and features vocalist Richard Crenwelge (Bitter Tongues, HoldxFast, Coptic Times), guitarist Zach Frady (Bitter Tongues, Coptic Times), bassist Colby Holiday (Exit the King, Black Past), drummer Jared Cannon (Bitter Tongues, 28 Cent Solution) and the aforementioned Ribs Mason also on guitar.

The band has a handful of summer shows scheduled with bands like Fucked Up, Down To Nothing and Reagan Youth. Career Criminal will hit the studio this summer with Stan Wright (Death Threat, Signal Lost, Balance of Terror) to record an EP due out this summer. .

Bitter Tongues looks like they're still around, albeit still on hiatus. The band released Clovis in 2005 on United Edge.

Career Criminal
6/26Austin, TXEmo'sw/ Fucked Up
7/21Austin, TXRed Sevenw/ Down to Nothing, Saint Street Brawlers
8/17Austin, TXRed Sevenw/ Reagan Youth, Doomsday Hour