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Influential hardcore act Gorilla Biscuits will play a trio of shows in Italy this September. The band will appaer in Roncade at the New Age Club on the 20th, in Rome at Alpheus on the 21st and in Rimini at Velvet on the 22nd.

Formed in the 1980s, the band helped define upbeat melodic hardcore and has been cited as a singular influence by a generation of hardcore bands. Guitarist Walter Schreifels' went on to form a succession of respected acts including Quicksand, Rival Schools, and Walking Concert. Frontman Anthony "Civ" Civorelli formed CIV, and drummer Sammy Siegler performed with a number of acts including Glassjaw and Nightmare of You.

Late last year, the band released a limited edition, remastered version of their classic album Start Today.