The documentary Punk's Not Dead has been completed and the filmmakers have announced a number of plans for the summer. They explained:

First, we have a contest up where people can win their way backstage to watch Punk's Not Dead with the bands (Bad Religion! Pennywise!) at the Ventura, CA Warped Tour on June 30th and the Fresno, CA Warped Tour on August 22nd. They must already have Warped Tour tickets - otherwise, we can't get them backstage! If they don't, they'll win a PND t-shirt and poster instead.

Secondly, we have some theatrical screening dates! We're self-distributing the film, so we'll be getting more and more dates as theaters agree to show the film. Keep checking the website for updates.

As previously reported, the documentary focuses on the past 30 years in punk rock, with the social impact it has shown on everything from the orginal counter-culture, through its marketable image of today. The cast consists of a wide variety of bands, labels and personalities; providing both interviews and performances. Current stars like Green Day, Good Charlotte and Sum 41; punk staples such as Bad Religion, Pennywise, Rancid and the Casualties; and pioneers like the Ramones, Minor Threat and the Dead Kennedys are just some of groups featured in the presentation.