by Sex Pistols

There have been recent rumors of activity from the Sex Pistols camp. On June 11th Chris Thomas, who along with Bill Price produced Never Mind the Bollocks, appeared on guitarist Steve Jones' LA's radio show. He and Jones revealed that the band had in fact entered the studio. Details are few but a transcription of the chat alluded to an informal affair, stating that the band was "Having a bit of a laugh" and "Going down memory lane, on tape." It was never stated that there are new recordings planned for release.

Frontman John Lydon recently appeared on Ian Wright's radio show Talksport and answered caller questions. On the possibility of future Pistols shows Lydon stated that there was a possibility of a gig this Christmas. He commented that playing shows with the band was "great fun" and that the critics of the reunion efforts should just "mind their own business and not come." He did not explicitly mention any studio work, but did reveal he was "Hanging out with Steve and Paul… having a laugh in LA."

Also, Lydon's official website moved to clear up rumors that he was releasing a reggae album. On the Transport show Rotten commented "I love reggae to death but that don't mean I'm gonna pump out endless white-boy reggae beats. It would sound a bit hokey dokey wouldn't it?" This somehow lead to a report in the Daily Mirror on Friday, June 8th that he was in fact planning a reggae record. He's not.