by Radio

On this week's BBC 1 Punk Rock Radio show, Canadian hardcore innovators Fucked Up took over the show to play their own playlists. The show's host Mike Davies let us know about the proceedings:

Straight out of New York Crime In Stereo were In Session playing three live tracks. Fucked Up took over and chose the music for the end of the show, plus songs from Lars & The Bastards, Cancer Bats, Bad Brains, Bad Religion, SSS, Brain Failure, Random Hand, The Dwarves, Crass, Leftover Crack, Intro5pect, Strike Anywhere, Dropkick Murphys, SLF, Buck o Nine, Gogol Bordello, The Unseen, Strawberry Blondes, The Clash, Bane, Hoods, Municipal Waste, Inner Terrestrials, Alexionfire and more

The show aired on Monday so we're a tad late on this one, but you can still find archived copies of the show right here.