Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Epitaph

I Am Ghost violin player Kerith Telestai recently left the band. In a lengthy statement she explained some of her motivation from breaking with the Epitaph band:

Writing this is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. As many of you know, I had to drop off I Am Ghost's last tour due to severe health problems as a result of touring that put me in the hospital. After 3 weeks of pondering, wondering, justifying, deliberating, and lots of crying, I have come to the conclusion that the band's current touring lifestyle is incompatible with my health needs. So, I have left the band.

As far as my health goes, it's nothing for you guys to be worried about. The only time it was ever a problem was on tour, simply because touring in a van doesn't allow for any sort of routine or restful environment that my body apparently needs. So my body could never heal itself from even just a common cold, and I would get secondary infections/conditions like laryngitis, pharyngitis, exhaustion, dehydration, and not being able to properly digest food or even keep it down for days at a time. But I don't have a disease or a serious health condition, and I'm not pregnant either! :) So no worries, now that I'm not on tour, my health will be just fine! It sounded like some of you have been pretty worried, so I wanted to clear that up!

The band released Lovers' Requiem last year via Epitaph. They'll hit the road later this year with Strung Out and A Wilhelm Scream.