by Hellcat

Some significant lineup changes taking place in the Horrorpops camp. According to the band, Geoff Kresge, Kamilla Vanilla and Naomi have all departed from the band. The remaining members explained:

.At the time Geoff joined HorrorPops he had also just started his dream project, Viva Hate. This was something he had wanted to do even while he was still in Tiger Army and was one of the reasons he eventually left TA. […] Now Viva Hate have gotten to the point where they have a good fan base, gigs lined up and after two great years with HorrorPops, Geoff now needs to dedicate his time to Viva Hate and has our complete blessings and support in this.

At the same time [Naomi] decided it was time to move on to other things and to dedicate more time to her family whom she missed constantly on tour.

Kamilla was determined to stay as a dancer in the band, but at the same time as our upcoming tour dates has drawn closer, her different projects also has become more time consuming.

As a three-piece, the band will continue on.