by Goodfellow

Canadian noise/hardcore provocateurs Cursed have sent us an update on progress towards their next album, III. Unsurprisingly, the album is the follow up to II (and I). The band had this to say:

Okay. So here's an official statement, as our website has fallen a bit behind. All of III is now recorded, and 80% mixed as of today. It was engineered by our sound bro Donny Cooper (who recorded both the Hell Comes Home and Blackout at Sunrise EPs) and Paul Aucoin at HallaMusic in Toronto, and is being mixed by the great Pete Hudson.

So there, it's real. Our site should be back up to speed soon, with videos. Donny's been making a video of the III studio sessions, he might cut it together and put it on YouTube so you all can check it out if you want to really smell the fuckin' magic."

III: Architects of Troubled Sleep

  1. Night Terrors
  2. Antihero Resuscitator* (with COLISEUM's Ryan Patterson)
  3. The Hands Will Abide
  4. Dead Air At The Pulpit
  5. Friends In The Music Business
  6. Into The Hive
  7. Magic Fingers
  8. Unnecessary Person
  9. Hegel's Bastards
  10. Gutters