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On July 31st, the Street Dogs and Time Again will be hosting a unique event in Huntington Beach, California. The two bands will be dueling it out in the time-honored tradition of Wiffle Ball in order to raise money for the Twin Towers Orphan Relief Fund. They'll be doing so at the Electric Chair Clothing Store, located at 410 Main Street in Huntington Beach. The festivities start at 1pm and will be free, but donations will be gathered up during the event. Expect the usual accouterments of burgers, hot dogs, etc, along with some giveaways.

The Twin Towers Orphan Fund was founded on September 12, 2001 for the sole purpose of providing educational and welfare assistance to the children who were orphaned by the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The mission of the Twin Towers Orphan Fund is to provide long-term higher educational assistance and mental and physical healthcare assistance for children who lost parents in the World Trade Center, at the Pentagon, or onboard the four downed airliners, and children of victims of future terrorist attacks.