Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Epitaph

I Am Ghost is shedding members. Hot on the heals of the recent departure of violinist Kerith Telestai, the Long Beach based band has now lost her husband Brian. The bassist / pianist / co-vocalist posted a statement via their message board:

As recent events have unfolded with Kerith, my wife, leaving the band, I am sad to say that I too will be leaving the band at the end of the West Coast Revival Tour with Aiden. I feel that I can no longer continue in I Am Ghost for both personal and professional reasons. I feel that Kerith is a huge part of the sound of IAG, and without her, I do not think that I could continue to tour or write music. I also feel that without her presence, the band is heading in a direction that I would not feel comfortable following due to my personal beliefs. My faith in God and my marriage to Kerith are both higher priorities than I Am Ghost, and I feel that if I were to continue in the band, both of these would be stressed to compromise

I do not resent anyone in the band, and I do no regret my time spent in IAG. I truly cherish the unbelievable moments that I have spent on stage, with the fans, and in the studio. I feel incredibly fortunate to have experienced all that I have in the short 2 years that IAG has been around. I wish the rest of the band nothing but the best as they will continue without Kerith and myself, and I would expect nothing less of them. Please continue to support IAG through these rough times. They will rock just as hard, and their next record will rock your face off!

Telestai plans to return to school at Hope International University in Fullerton, CA, then seek out a career that better reflects his religious beliefs.

I Am Ghost released Lovers' Requiem in 2006 via Epitaph. They're on the road now with Aiden with plans later this year to support Strung Out on both the A Wilhelm Scream leg and the Evergreen Terrace leg of their upcoming tour.