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The lineup for the second annual V-Squat Fest will take place in Ocala, FL from August 10th to the 12th. The event's line up will include Suburban Legends, Patent Pending, Zolof the Rock and roll Destroyer, Jet Lag Gemini, Arm the Poor, Vincent Valentine!, Early Next Year, Borealis, BTH, Royal Anguish, the Dead Songwriters, Street Justice, Annabel Lee, Cara Del Gato, For Daylight, Along the Sidelines, Brotherhood of the Bomb, Wolfy Lonesome and the Devil's Band, and Stevie D and the No Shows. The event is comprised of three shows at the Capital venue in Ocala along with acoustic performances at a local coffee emporium.

For more info check the event's MySpace page.

Friday, August 10th!
$7 without armband!
-Early Next Year
-Annabel Lee
-The Dead Songwriters
-Mad Science
-Cara del Gato
-For Daylight

And acoustic at Starbucks:
*Jessi Riese
*Tyler Cole
*Stevie D and the No Shows
*Brian Hogan

Saturday the 11th:
$7 without armband!
-Vincent Valentine!
-Arm the Poor
-Massacre Aid
-Royal Anguish
-Brotherhood of the Bomb
-The Red Hallway

And acoustic at Starbucks:
*Brian Fahey
*Cara del Gato
*Wolfy Lonesome
*Along the Sidelines

Sunday the 12th, the big finale!:
$12 without armband!
-Suburban Legends
-Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer
-Patent Pending
-Jet Lag Gemini
-Stevie D and the No Shows
-The Naddy Boys
-Attica Whisper
-Street Justice