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Unsigned band Emilia recently recorded with Ed Rose in Kansas for their new EP. Ryan Pope from the Get Up Kids and Nate Harold from Waking Ashland both played on the record. You can check out a new track on their MySpace page.

Harvest Earth Records has uploaded a label sampler to PureVolume page. You can sample two songs from every one of their releases, including brand new songs from the upcoming AXP album entitled Dead Ends, Dead Friends. Check it out here.

Daniel Torres (Codename: Rocky, Red Letter M) has joined forces with Adrian Garcia (Cry Havoc) to form Verus. The project is self-described as being "an alternative band from the 90's, trying to sound like the 70's and 80's" and will be releasing their debut EP, The Seas Of Depravity, on October 14th. The debut was produced by Eugene Perreras (New Years Day, Homegrown). Three tracks from the release can be heard on their MySpace page.