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Mike Park has announced that he and The Lawrence Arm's Chris McCaughan will be visiting the UK sometime in early 2008. Although no dates have been announced yet, Mike has posted a message about the upcoming event. This is what he had to say:

" Dearest friends, I'm coming back to ENGLAND next year with my friend Chris from the LAWRENCE ARMS. We will trek across the UK on the train playing shows and wanted to see if any of you book shows in the UK? Hmmm… We are doing 14 shows total and I've booked 9 shows so far, but need a few more contacts. Especially IRELAND. I've never been and would really love to play there. Anyone? Hmmmm…

Both artists have released material in the past few years, with Mr.Park releasing North Hangook Falling in 2005 and Chris putting out Four One Five Two under the name, Sundowner.