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Tampa's The Holy Mountain is calling it quits after five years. The hardcore / thrash act was quite prolific, releasing an album nearly yearly along with numerous EPs and 7 inch records. The band's No Idea releases included Bloodstains Across Your Face In Decline, Entrails and most recently 2006's Enemies.

In regards to their planned upcoming releases the band commented:

The split 5" with Deathcycle has a cover and is about finished. Ask Nate at Gloom Records about that shit and when it might arrive.

Jeremy Clark is working on the new cover for the Cave Canem split 7" on Alerta Antifascista and should have it done within a week or so. Everything else is ready to go for that one.

The Cobra Noir split 7"? We sent that recording off last October, I think. Last we heard, some guy that did the last Neurosis cover was doing the art and that is what they were waiting on. Sure. Contact Cyclop Media about the gathering of dust on that project.

And lastly, the split 7" with Asshole Parade. Probably never going to come out. We may give up on them and release it as a one sided 7" with an etched b-side, limited to about 47 copies after we destroy most of the pressing to make the remaining copies more rare. We may also put the word ISIS on the cover and the word Hydrahead on the back. Pre-orders available summer 2012.