Jimmy Eat World recently discussed their upcoming new album with Billboard. The record is titled Chase This Light and is due out October 16, 2007. It is the follow-up to Stay on My Side Tonight which was released in 2005.

According to produce Butch Vig (Against Me!, Nirvana):

The record is quite eclectic, There are three or four songs that sound like classic Jimmy Eat World, with angular, razor-sharp guitars. There are a couple that are a lot more dreamy, and some that are very groove-acious. Anybody who is fan will like this record.

Besides those details, a track listing for the record is available.

  1. Big Casino
  2. Let It Happen
  3. Like She'll Always Be
  4. Carry You
  5. Electable (Give It Up)
  6. Gotta Be Somebody's Blues
  7. Feeling Lucky
  8. Here It Goes
  9. Chase This Light
  10. Firefight
  11. Dizzy