Ambulette (2004-2007)
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Ambulette has split up. The band cancelled a recent tour due to a personal emergency in the life vocalist of Maura Davis (formerly of Denali, currently also in Glös) which saw the remaining members will begin performing as drummer Ryan Rapsys' other project, Euphone:

We are sad today to announce that we will no longer continue on as Ambulette. At least for now. We have faced many obstacles as a band and have just decided that it's time to move on to other endeavors. It has not been easy for us to get anything done based on our label situations and it just isn't much fun anymore.

When your band is 90% business and 10% music it's time to try something else. When and if we ever actually fully get the rights to the record we made, we will find a way to make it available to the handful of you that have been waiting for so long. If that takes too long we'll just put it up somewhere and you can take it.

Ambulette released The Lottery EP.