Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Pirate's Press

The Ratchets are taking the rest of the year off. The band posted:

Hello all from Ratchet-City. It's with much dragging of the feet that we must say that The Ratchets are taking a hiatus for the rest of 2007 effective midnight on Monday August 27, 2007. What comes of us in 2008 is up to the maker of the rocknroll universe, and in the meantime we ask you to join us in prayer that our creator may have enough cigarettes, pomade, and tattoo ink to keep happy. With a little bit of luck we'll be back around again with some new songs of rebellion, because what it comes down to is that we like playing in a band with one other. We would like to thank everyone who's rocked out with us, kicked it, passed the dutchie, and put money down for us, it's been appreciated. We'd also like to thank the bands we were lucky, and sometimes not so lucky, to share the stage with and also the venues that took us in. So while we say ta ta for now we've got three upcoming shows with The Low Budgets you won't want to miss this weekend:

The New Jersey act will perform this Friday in Philly, Saturday in Baltimore and Sunday in Brooklyn with the Low Budgets. They've been supporting 2006's Glory Bound. The group made waves recently by enlisting Scott Golley of the influential Lifetime as their new drummer.