Bayside, Throwdown, Poison the Well, The Bled on Resident Evil soundtrack

The soundtrack has been announced for the upcoming third Resident Evil film, titled Extinction. The soundtrack will feature a number of familiar faces including Shadows Fall, Bayside, Aiden, Throwdown, Chimaira, Emanuel, Poison the Well and others. It is due out September 18, 2007.

The soundtrack includes a number of remixed tracks and you can check out the first five here.

  1. Shadows Fall - "Stupid Crazy"
  2. Flyleaf - "I'm So Sick (T-Virus Remix)"
  3. Emigrate - "My World"
  4. Bayside - "Duality (Project Alice String Remix)"
  5. Aiden - "One Love (Extinction Remix)"
  6. Fightstar - "Deathcar"
  7. Throwdown - "I, Suicide"
  8. Collide - "White Rabbit (SPC ECO Mix)"
  9. Chimaira - "Paralyzed"
  10. The Bled - "Asleep On The Front Lines (Applaintz Remix)"
  11. City Sleeps - "Catch Me"
  12. Searchlight - "Contagious"
  13. Emanuel - "Scenotaph (DJA Infected Remix)"
  14. It Dies Today - "Sixth Of June"
  15. Poison The Well - "Wrecking Itself Taking You With Me"