by Black Flag

In a pretty unusual story, Brooklyn-based indie rock outfit The Dirty Projectors has unveiled a new project wherein they remade Black Flag's classic Damaged, entirely from memory.

The album, titled Rise Above, features the "deconstruction and reassembly" of Damaged and was reportedly put together from "memory and intuition." The result is reworked arrangements of every song on the album, with a four-piece lineup featuring two female vocalists. The NPR reporter describes the reworked material as evoking 60s rock, afrobeat, soul and even "Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley via Antony & The Johnsons."

A few selections are available online, including "No More" on their myspace page and "Rise Above" via NPR.

If you want to compare, "Rise Above" and "No More" as performed live by Black Flag.