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Alove For Enemies have announced that they are breaking up:

Alove For Enemies has been around since late 2000. During that time we have had our ups and downs, our highs and lows, our victories and our defeats. We have decided it is our time to step down. Alove For Enemies, means so much to each of us, we are at a point in our personal lives, where we can not continue with ALFE and have it been the same thing it is now. Rather than force it, and possibly have it crumble, we are laying it to rest.

This is something we all agreed on as friends, brothers, and band mates. We are each saddened by this reality, but agree it is a necessary one. Over the last seven years, we have gone through many things, from lineup changes, to tour horror stories, and non stop adversity. Remaining a strong ministry has always been integral to what ALFE is; We can no longer uphold that to the level it needs to be.

The band most recently released Resistance.